Phoul will be published biannually: the first series in June,
and the second in December.

Calls for submissions will be made in the first weeks of January and July respectively, and the submission period will ideally be open for two months.

Who can submit?

Submissions are primarily open to local Arab youth aged between 15 and 35. Individuals or groups from other international Arab communities as well as non-Arab individuals or groups who have interests relating to any of the content that Phoul produces may submit too.

Please include your name and a short bio in your submission email. Submissions can be anonymous as well.

When must works be submitted?

All pieces should be submitted to us by March for the first call (January), and September for the second call (July).

The editorial team will curate and edit all submissions for approximately three months before publication in June and December respectively. Publications will be randomised, and otherwise curated according to the number of submissions received. 

What can be submitted?

All mediums are welcome.

For Letters, written submissions should be non-fiction. These include, but are not limited to: anecdotal, opinion, and interview pieces. These pieces should be between 600 and 1,500 words.

For Longform, submissions are typically academic in nature. These pieces should not exceed 5,000 words.

For Art, submissions are typically in art form. These include, but are not limited to: plays, poetry, prose, short stories, photographs, photographic essays, visual art illustrations, graphic designs, lyrics sheets, music audios, music videos, and short films. Original works are most welcomed!

For Art submissions, please take note that your work does not exceed the width of 1600 pixels. The resolution of your images should be 72 pixels per inch, and either in JPEG, GIF or PNG format.

For Hungry?, submissions include, but are not limited to: recipes, stories or articles discussing food, and interviews with businesses. Here, we don’t only refer to Arab cuisine, but also Arab persons or businesses (who don’t necessarily cook Arab food!). These pieces should not exceed 1,500 words.

All pieces should be submitted using a legible font.

If you have other forms in mind for your submissions, let us know and we’ll advise accordingly.

* What’s On is a page where events by AN@S are typically publicised. If you have an event that relates to the local and/or international Arab or Muslim community which you would like to publicise, send us a message on our Contact page, or email us at!

Where are works submitted?

Kindly submit your pieces to

If your submission is larger than the MB capacity allowed by your email provider, please share a link instead in your email to us. 

All submissions will receive an email notification of receipt. We will reach out to you within two months with a decision on your submission. 

A Note on Mindfulness

While Phoul is an inclusive space, works that discriminate or carry unkind and disrespectful sentiments towards persons, groups, and communities, especially the minority and marginalised, will not be accepted. 

Please be mindful of your language and respectful in your works. In other words, let’s practise Adab (respect and politeness).

Our Privacy Terms

The Phoul team would like to reassure you that 

(i) any personal information (i.e. email address, names of those who wish to be anonymous) given by participants will not be shared with others outside of the team without your consent and notice;

(ii) a person’s choice of anonymity will be respected;

(iii) should your submission be declined, it will not be kept by the team, nor will it be shared with others outside of the team without your consent and notice; and

(iv) should your submission be pushed for a later series, it will be safely kept by the team, and not shared with others outside of the team without your consent and notice.

Please feel free to ask us questions regarding our Privacy Conditions if you have any through the Feedback Box on our Contact page.